Jumat, 01 April 2011

.. kuwacikecil feat idekuhandmade ..

"localock" is coming again!!! :D

this is about idekuhandmade by martha puri natasande !!! yeiiiy!! clap clap clap!!

i bought this knitted owl last year... and i fell in love with it since the first time i saw it on my facebook page! it is handmade!!! :O woowww!!

never know how to knit... i just can imagine how complicated it is!!!
so.. here the owl goes... sitting beside my lovely pajamas troll ... looking at me in my desk...

so.. today... i just have a thought that the owly may got bored for staying the whole months in my studio...
i brought him for a little picnic time... ;)
and i think that the owly really enjoyed its own time!!

so... aunty puwi... don't worry !!! i can guarantee that your lovely owly is in the right hand!!! :D
i love your artworks, girl!!!

"localock" is my project to post the things that i have, get or buy from local creator. You can check another "localock" post in HERE and HeRe .. ;)

4 komentar:

  1. suka foto yang terakhir:D imuttt banget owl sama yang belakangnyaa.hihihii.salam kenal mba:D

  2. hellow hellow mbak arum!! :D trimakasih trimakasihh!! ehhehe trimakasih udah mampir mengintip yaa.. ;) salam kenal jugaakk!! ehhehe

  3. wahhhh terima kasihhh Mama Ria :D hihihihi ternyata so owl dpt mama baru yg baiiiikkk hati.. hehe... diajak jalan2 juga..
    muachh muachhhhhhh :*

    foto mama Ria + si owl jg lucuuu2 buangettt!!

  4. sama sama mami puwi!! ahahha!!! so glad to have it in my little studio!! ;) kecupkecup!