Sabtu, 09 April 2011

localock : kuwacikecil feat cemprut's camera bag..

it 's been a week !!
and now is the time for "localock" section, again!!! :D HOORAAAYY!!!

this time i would love to introduce you, a sweet and fancy sling bag made by CEMPRUT a.k.a aphrodita wibowo!!! yeiiiyy!!! clap..clap ...clap... :D

cemprut bag with all of my stuffs...
inside my backpack!

she says that she is a crafter... (the great one for me).. stays in Jakarta... we met for the first time while she and her husband came to Jogja to see my performance-MWATHIRIKA
.. and she gave this sling bag to me... and i did the barter with 2 tickets of my play !! :D

ahahhaha!!! what a friend!!! ;)

so, here i go...
with this wonderful sling bag camera.. exploring Singapore for 3 days!!!

a long walk, my dear...

lots of art events in Singapore... gosh...

but this time... i just prefer to have a rest

"localock" is my project to post the things that i have, get or buy from local (means Indonesian) creator. You can check another "localock" post in HERE and HeRe .. ;)

5 komentar:

  1. hwahahahahha.. tas gawean bojoku wes tekan singapur, le nggawe seh ndelik neng gang pentil, hihihihihihi...

  2. hihi... maturnuwun dah ngajak cemprutnya ke sing, moga yang mbikin cepet nyusul jalan-jalan ke sing,hehe...


  3. ayoooayo ayooooo!!! ahhahaha!!!! :D

  4. hahahah!! OJAAAN!! sabar yaa... pokoknya begitu nemu ide yang pas buat birdie tote bag-mu, pasti langsung ceprat cepret!! :D