Kamis, 16 September 2010

have to choose...

...sometimes it's easier for not choosing things...

...and that's how i feel now...

...i hope i will regret nothing...


4 komentar:

  1. i hear you. i feel this way a lot. i wish life could be mapped out for us. but since there is no map, we use our own drawings and let our drawing take us to where we need to be. all my love from nyc mbak!

  2. :')

    thank you so much, mas ethan...
    i really need it for now. :)

    SUPER BIG HUG from faraway tropical city..
    love from Yogya!

  3. hugs jg dr jakarta buat Mbak Ria :)
    semoga pilihannya tepat dan yang terbaik..

  4. mbak puri yang baik.. aku batalin untuk ikut pasar seni ITB.... :(

    huuhuh.. semoga ini yang terbaik...hiks... batal ketemuan oktober ini deh... hiks