Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

picnic to the museum !!!

bringing your love, dearest friends, to go for a picnic to the museum!!!
the trip now is about visiting the air force museum in our lovely city...

what's inside ?
- the history of Indonesian air force (my father is an air force either, you know?)
The museum also has excellent well maintained displays of missiles, radar and aircraft related equipment as well as model displays telling the history of the Indonesian Air Force and the fight against the Japanese and Dutch.

- different kind of airplanes that we have (and you can be the pilot either!)
Included are a Badger bomber complete with air-to-ground missiles, Catalina flying boat, Grumman flying boat, Auster MkII, Lavochkin LA-11, PZL-104 Wilga, Mitsubishi Army type 98, Nakajima KI43 Oscar, Zero, Mustang, NA16/AT-6, Vultee Valiant, B25, B26, C47, Hillier 360, DH114 Vampire, Sikorsky UH34D, Boeing Stearman, MIG15, MIG17, MIG19, MIG21, MI4, L-29 Dolphin, CAC F-86 Avon Sabre and T-33A. wooooohooooo!!!!

- dioramas (which are fantastic!! )
- knowledge about several national heroes
- and huge area for a picnic and taking pictures!!!

location : museum Dirgantara Mandala
Lanud Adisutjipto, Yogyakarta 55002
open on monday-thursday , 8am-1pm

notes : you have to stop on the security gate before coming to the complex (this is the air force complex), and they will ask for your ID-card.

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  1. wah asyik juga tuh ke museum boleh melantai gitu...
    btw dedek2nya unyuuuuu sista
    *titip kecup-kecup yeeaaa...

  2. hihihi iya ni... museumnya cihuy sekali... :D
    iyaaa... ade2 nya parah banget lucunya... hihihi trimakasih kecupkecupnyaaa