Sabtu, 20 November 2010

where do the red balloons go ?

this is a journey of two red balloons ...

they stop while they saw a little sad boy sitting alone on the stair.
the balloons said that he supposed not to be so sad...

because someone who loves him so much will come soon,
and be ready to cheer his days...
..him... yes him..
his big brother

and he does!
because he always keep his promises...

"dear, my little brother...
just blow the red whistle...
and wait...
i will come to you and you'll never regret"

all characters, properties, photos are belong to "MWATHIRIKA" production
by papermoon puppet theatre

...a puppet play for teenagers and adults..

December 1-3, 2010
@ 8.00 pm
(dec, 3 @4.00pm : dedicated for deaf people )

Auditorium Lembaga Indonesia Prancis
Jl. Sagan No. 3 Yogyakarta

5 komentar:

  1. puppets and their housenya kereeennn bgtt!

  2. Ah.. melancholy.. melancholy..

    and I looove these photos// will you make something like this for our Huff 4th edition? yeay! can't wait till Mwathirika is all done! (can't wait to watch the play either!! soo exciting!)

    The Picnic Girl

  3. berdoa berdoa...merapi baik baik saja...bandara segera dibuka...pesawat segera mau mengudara...lalu bersualah kita...amieeeennnn...

  4. @puri : terimakasih auntypuwiiii!!! :D doain bisa mentas di jakarta juga yaaaa

    @mira: thank you, dear!! MAUU BANGEETT!! tunggu yaa... sabar yaa.. hihihihi nonton yaaa!!! :D

    @cemprut: AMIIN!! bandara sudah mulai dibuka.. HARI INI!! yeeiiyy!! selamat dataang doong!!

  5. Ail bi ther! Mwahahahaha!