Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

LOCALOCK : kuwacikecil feat. Napaktilas

hello holla, guys!

is in da house!!! :D

it's been quite long since my latest post!!
fiiuh.. not because i stop to use local creator's product.. but again, it's because to choose the right moment to shoot the photos of them! ;)
no worries... i still have BUNCH of wonderful stuffs made by local creators in my house! ;)

so.. today i would love to post a pair of wonderful and unique sandals called NAPAKTILAS !!!

yup yup yup!

gosh.. i was falling in love since the first time i saw it!
it has a pair of sole, and while you bought the package, you can choose 2 straps that you want!
then you can mix match your dresses with the straps, and with different way to tie it up!
... isn't clever?!!!!
no more than 1 sandal for vacation!!! woohooo!

but, well well.. don't be envy , guys..
i got 6 pairs of strap while i bought this wonderful sandals! ;)
thanks to mbak dian!!! :D

i got 6 !! 6 !! 6 !!! woohooo!!!

oo.. right, NAPAKTILAS is owned and designed by a wonderful lady .. mbak dian herdiany!! ;the lady who let me drowned in those beautiful straps!!!
*gosh.. i spent more than 1 hour just to choose 2 straps.. and it ended up with another 4 straps as the bonus!! woohoooo!!

photo by napaktilas

so, here we go, me... with my napaktilas sandal... captured by my toy camera!!!

*this is special edition!!! captured the moment with my lovely toy camera's family... now in aquapix and coca cola can cam! :*

oo.. no.. this one, is Gigi who captured the moment..

so.. see you again guys.. in another localock series!! smooch!!!

"localock" is my project to post the things that i have, get , given or buy from local (means Indonesian) creator..

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  1. baguusssss sendal2nyaaahhhh <3 itu talinya bisa dibongkar pasang yaa?

  2. iya betuul!!!
    bisa ganti ganti teruuss!! :D hiih sukaakk!!