Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

the sky that i would love to share with you....

These are times while i was so lucky
When i just had my eyes, and my tiny camera with me...

God use no photoshop effect to color the sky, right?
so, why do i need to use it?

He provides me the best picture in life already!

"while the electricity towers bring such a romantic feeling.."
parangtritis street, yogyakarta, 2010

beautiful afternoon, when you forgive me...
singapore, on hippo and cruise boat, 2011

it's me.. under the big tree...
kaligriya, kaliurang ,yogyakarta 2011

i'm preparing the nest, just in case you will fall from the sky...
clarke quay, singapore, 2011

"the moon and the lights!"
singapore, 2011

sunset behind the building
singapore, 2011

say hi to Thee.. who sent me to earth..
plaosan temple, 2010

what should i say about sunset in Sorong, Papua?
Sorong, Papua, 2007

the sky above our nest!
langensuryo, Yogyakarta 2010-2011

yes... the sky has no limits..
and either the things that i would love to share with you!

much love,

*me !

go check the "FLOOR GROUND", guys...
it's another fun things to see.. ;)

2 komentar:

  1. these are beautiful pictures, mbak ria! makes me miss you and iwan and everyone and asia so much! the sky has no limit!

  2. we miss you too much, ethan!! HUGS!!
    and i just realized, why i didn't take any photos of NEw York's beautiful sky?!!! silly me!!! ugh!
    ..oo..ups.. i think it's a sign for me to get back to NY! ;)