Kamis, 20 Oktober 2011

LOCALOCK : kuwacikecil feat. simalakamma !!!

ahooyy!! This is LOCALOCK time !!!
woohoo!! after a loooong looooooooonnngg... too long for me not to post LOCALOCK in my blog..
this time i would love to show you my precious, lovely.... passport wallet!!!

doooohh!!! isn't it cute ?!!!
they are couples!!!

so, this is my precious passport wallet, made by SIMALAKAMMA.

A vintage-lover girl names Elia Nurvista, found the brand and does all the production, and a smart- cute-pao-cheek-girl names Syafiatudina works with the online-shop thing! ;p

so.. when i decided to make a passport wallet, i just pointed Elia to do it for me!
*i love her artworks!

then i made the design, i chose the fabrics that she had in her container, and i asked Moki, Elia's boyfriend to do the silkscreen of his artwork on the cover of the wallet.

*that's why i put simalakamma feat.kribikrispi
on the photo!

so, after Moki did the silkscreen on the fabric, Elia did the finishing by making the embroidery BY HAND on Moki's object!

gosh!! i really love how it looks!!
since Elia loves to work with floral design, Moki's character feels more suitable on me-especially after Elia did the hand-embroidery on it !!

i chose a long strap for it,
so i don't need to put the wallet on another bag!

see all of the slots!!
and the color !!

and i can put my i-pod on the small pouch inside!

and i have special spot...
to put my mommy and her bestfriend's vintage photo!

it will accompany me to go all over the world!
*crossing fingers!!


passport wallet : SIMALAKAMMA
location : Changi Airport, Singapore

psssttt.. and we decided to do a collaborating work someday.. just wait and see.. ;)


"localock" is my project to post the things that i have, get , given or buy from local (means Indonesian) creator..

8 komentar:

  1. keren sekali dompetmu, mbak :D

  2. trimakasiiihhh!!! ini passport wallet memang aduhay!! :) *bahagya!

  3. cuteeeee!!! Have fun yaa :D

  4. thanks a lot, naniii!!! :D eh.. ternyata temenku adalah temen baik temenku!!
    gara garanya dia liat karya print kolasemu dirumahku, trus dia tanya.. ini nani yg tinggal di melbourne kan?
    *wait.. aku lupa siapa yg bilang... hmmm..

  5. aaa, what a cute passport wallet :)) suka, deh!

  6. hello indi!! wah senengnya kamu mampir kemari... aku sempet baca bukumu yang mika! lovely!!!

  7. aah.. lucu banget!!! suka jugaa :D