Rabu, 16 November 2011

LOCALOCK : an art swop with Ika Vantiani !

hello all !!!
here we are, in my newest LOCALOCK posting !

it's Ika Vantiani's time!!!
(click on her name to know her better)

so ... one day i received a direct message on my twitter. It's from her!
she said that she wanted to buy a poster of my play, SIRDUSKARKUS.
Sadly, i did not print the poster, but i can make one if she wanted it.
so, we ended up with the idea of an art swop!

Gosh! I LOVE her collage arts SO MUCH!! and she asked me to chose her prints.
well.. like you may feel too...

after look at her artworks...
i got very a confused. i love them!! ALL!! more than one!

.. then i decided one..
well that was a tough decision..

so.. on a one warm day..
the package was coming.. *so excited to open it!

i chose this wonderful red houses collage!! YES!

but wait.. it came with another envelope!

and look what i found in that envelope!!!!!!

my eyes stopped to blink!
9 prints!!!
those are my treasures!!

and i found this card inside...
a lovely writing by Ika..
aarrgghh!!! you are so sweet, nona vantiani !!!

i found her sticker on the envelope..
i ripped it slowly, then posted on my refrigerator!

thank you so much, Ika!!!
this art swop really made my day!!!
HUGE hugs!


"localock" is my project to post the things that i have, get ,
given or buy from local (means Indonesian) creator..

*click the green words to know more about LOCALOCK

4 komentar:

  1. Dear Ria,
    That idea of putting one of my bookplate at your refrigerator is so cool!
    So glad they arrived safe and sound and I am sure they love their new nest. Can't wait to see them being framed and adorn your wall.

    Thank you so much for doing this swap with me,


    PS: I certainly still trying to so hard to see your performance
    next month.

  2. thanks a bunch, IKA!!!
    yep, i will frame them soon after i got the idea to hang them on my wall! :D
    hope you like mine too!!


  3. I love her collages too!!! waaaa mbak ria punya banyak :D

  4. hihhi... i am so lucky, lucii!!! :*